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Andrii Marchenko
Information security engineer


Splunk is a flexible and scalable platform that supports an expansive set of use cases: Splunk-built search and reporting, security and observability solutions. 2,400+ apps available on Splunkbase, and can build custom applications tuned to your specific needs.
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Splunk Cloud Platform

Cloud-powered insights for data analytics across the hybrid cloud

Splunk Enterprise

Search, analysis and visualization for actionable insights from all of your data

Splunk Enterprise Security

Analytics-driven SIEM to quickly detect and respond to threats

Splunk SOAR

Security orchestration, automation and response to supercharge your SOC

Splunk Application Performance Monitoring

Tracing and always-on profiling to enhance app performance

Splunk IT Service Intelligence

AIOps, incident intelligence and full visibility to ensure service performance

Use cases

Advanced threat detection

Detect network and host activity that might indicate an advanced threat. Collect, index, correlate and analyze all data and monitor activity patterns. Create complex searches with user-defined thresholds.


Reduce unplanned downtime and alerting noise. Use predictive analytics to identify issues and enable full-stack visibility for more efficient response.

Application modernization

Re-architect and build cloud-native applications to unlock faster innovation that delivers exceptional customer experiences.

Cloud monitoring

Extend visibility across your tech stack and into every cloud to find, fix and prevent issues. Speed up resolution with dashboards, actionable alerts and scalable tools.

Cloud migration

Migrate workloads to the cloud to gain greater scale and efficiency while reducing downtime.

Compliance and data privacy

Centralize cyber-hygiene initiatives while reducing operational overhead. Automate data collection with real-time log/event ingestion. Achieve continuous risk assessment and painless auditing and reporting.

Data optimization

Extract business value from all your data by consolidating silos across multiple tiers and organizational boundaries.


Get end-to-end visibility of your data to instantly understand and optimize modern infrastructure and applications.

Incident investigation and forensics

Use security analytics to help analyze and confirm high-priority incidents across data sets and cross-reference and correlate relationships with other entities.

Incident response

Resolve incidents faster and reduce the pressure on your on-call teams. Accurately automate alerts. Enable mobile collaboration. Integrate IT stack and incident reporting.

Insider threat detection

Automatically observe anomalous behavior to minimize risk by detecting potential threats that use legitimate credentials, permissions and endpoints.

IT modernization

Maintain high uptime in IT service delivery while improving operational efficiency and reducing alert storms.

SLI/SLO monitoring

Streamline performance tracking across your environments with centralized SLI/SLO monitoring. Use visualizations and smart alerting to better manage cloud KPIs.

SOC automation and orchestration

Automate and orchestrate to enable greater security operation productivity and faster threat response.